bobostookey asked: "headcanon AU style: Andrea escaped the room at the last second before Michonne and co got there, cut off all her hair Mulan style, walks the streets looking for The governor so she can tear him to pieces. Goes back to prison when she suceeds in tearing him to pieces for hurting her friends and killing milton (◡‿◡✿) should I fic it?"

Yes good

and Michonne gets her a headband too and they stand back to back, katana and gun, ready to kick some ass.

Anonymous asked: "Omg a plague on top of zombies. Wtf else could go wrong."

RIGHT? jfc 

Probs gonna have the govy/other antagonists of the comics show up out of the blue uninvited

Anonymous asked: "I think it's in the air or water. Because both the Pig and the boy got it."

Yeah I’m watching the Talking Dead and that’s what they’re saying.

Oh man.

pamperedpussy asked: "What the hell kinda sick makes you bleed from your entire face. My theory is the food but I'm not sure, animals don't go zombie so what's your idea?"

Well, he did slip and fall so maybe he hit his head? 

I think it could’ve been something he ate; he was sweating and dizzy, but maybe there’s some kind of sickness going around beside the walker virus… hm.

Anonymous asked: "I just think they could have done better."

I think they could’ve done better since the start of season 2 but that’s just me.

Anonymous asked: "This episode is slow and boring. I'm disappointed and saw no reason in the random crazed female?"

I don’t find it slow, not for a premier. But I do agree — however it has shown the state of what survivors can fall into. I’d highly recommend Telltale’s TWD game because it deals with people like that in ways you can’t even imagine.

I think part of it is showing what people are willing to do, and their views on walkers.

'How many people have you killed?”

'Just one” meaning herself.

It’s… interesting but…. ehhh.


Anonymous asked: "I love this Tumblr and just wanted to let you know--my husband (who never ships people or sees LGBT subtext in ANYTHING) watches TWD with me and insisted before that Michonne was in love with Andrea, then this morning told me "Michonne was really sad! I think Michonne WAS in love with Andrea on the show." If a non-shipping non-fic guy sees it, it must be very obvious!"

-slow claps for your husband-

Excellent. Bring him to the dark side yes. 


Anonymous asked: "I watched TWD on sunday with my girlfriend but since she doesn't like it when I cry over a tv show, I held it in the entire day until monday afternoon I couldn't handle it anymore when my sister asked me in the car what had happened with Andrea (she hasn't watched the episode yet, just saw the spoiler) and I completely broke down in tears for the whole drive because I couldn't handle it anymore.I was literally sobbing down the highway..."


I watched it again and heard Michonne’s sob after the gun shot and it killed me.

We’re all here for the support, nonnie. 

-A <3

silentsuicidesoul-deactivated20 asked: "No joke all yesterday I was reading michandrea fanfiction..."

And I spent my whole day writing it :(

<3 J