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Follow Danai Gurira on Twitter (x)

"This moment is weird…I think for Michonne is…she loves this woman, but she can’t - and I think her love for this woman is very powerful - but she needs her to make a decision. She can’t…she needs to be true to her own nature. She has to be true to her own nature."
— Danai Gurira on the scene where Michonne leaves Andrea and Woodbury. (DVD commentary for Say the Word)


Danai: She got over me real quick. No, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Greg: She did, but she didn’t.

Danai: Whatever.

Greg: I love this reveal…

Danai: That was a breakup, man! That was a breakup!!

— Danai Gurira interrupts Greg Nicotero’s serious DVD commentary talk for Michandrea feels.

TWD Cast [19/∞] 

Laurie Holden & Danai Gurira at Paleyfest 2013 Laurie talking about stuff and thangs.

"The final scene was very very important and it was very hard you know because it was about letting go and letting go of someone who actually baptised me into this show and thinking of carrying on you know, working on the show without her was very difficult so I definitely wanted to honour her" - Danai Gurira 

And so you’re completely in the dark as to what’s going to happen next season?