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Moments Between Two Survivors by MinaRobins

Michonne and Andrea by D. Sair

Darkened Halls and Worn Pillows by stellardrift

The Lucky One by fembuck

Katana and Curls by Frailly
  • The story of Michonne and Andrea’s fight for survival and each other’s heart. (Rated T)
This is the Thing by Nightvowl
  • Michonne prepares herself for the inevitable. (Rated K+)
A Hold On You by MinaRobins
  • The Governor’s town doesn’t sit right with Michonne, but Andrea’s staying, and thus so shall she. Short Onesided One shot. Michonne Centric. PreSlash. Michonne/Andrea. Andrea/Michonne. (Rated K+)
The Belle and the Blade by thewriteday
  • Michonne and Andrea are walking a fine line. Can they depend on one another’s trust or are they destined to fall apart? (Rated M)
  • Michonne’s thoughts when she first laid eyes on Andrea. (Rated K+)
That Blue Eyed Blonde by Clemenmore
  • A drabble of when Andrea and Michonne first met. Andrea’s POV. (Rated T)
Dance With Me by Dizasters
  • After Ricks group take over Woodbury and lead it to better life, It’s New Years Eve and it’s time to celebrate! (Rated T)
almost by freaknic
  • an unimpressive ficlet (written in biology) about the lovely michonne and andrea. (Rated K+)
Surprisingly Bliss by AdmiralBlakeUnicorn
  • There have been multiple times when they almost kissed. And one time when they did. Michonne/Andrea pairing story. (Rated T)
Just Walked Away by AdmiralBlakeUnicorn
  • A Michonne/Andrea pairing story. They both can’t believe what they did. And they’re both hurt by the outcome of their actions. Both Michonne and Andrea’s POV. (Rated T)
Legacy by The Readers Muse
  • She knew the odds, the reality of their situation. She wasn’t stupid. But even then it took her a long time to stop looking for them. (Rated T)
Down the Line by Nightvowl
  • Now never seems to be the right time for Andrea and Michonne. (Rated T)
  • "No anarchy, sir," Andrea joked, "just an argument, understandably. We’ve been together for the past seven months and this is the first fight we’ve ever had," he squinted his eyes in evident confusion, and Andrea waved her hands, "oh, no, we’re not…no. No. We’re just companions, we’ve been companions for seven months, not…no. No." A glimpse in the lives of Andrea and Michonne. (Rated T)
Days of a Gun by Nightvowl
  • In the dead of winter, Michonne is keeping her feelings for Andrea close to the vest. (Rated T)
Forgive and Forget by CaptainRivaini
  • Michonne watches Andrea with Judith and Carol and realizes it’s much easier to love than it is to forgive. (Rated T)