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The Walking Dead Meme || (2/10) Characters

∟ Andrea Harrison

beverlys-cat replied to your post: has anyone ever tweeted Laurie their A…

Gimme a prompt for making my andrea doll do something cool and I’ll consider it!!!! :3

Kicking ass and taking names? c:

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has anyone ever tweeted Laurie their Andrea figure and said something like idk how it does look like her/we miss Andrea

because I would but I’m a huge weenie.

The Walking Dead + Andrea being a badass

fictionalparadox askedAndrea or Carol?

Andrea stared at the woman lying just a few feet away from her on the bed and brushed a strand of her curly blonde hair behind her ear once she sensed the warrior’s eyes leave the map she had been previously studying in an attempt to plan out their route.

"What if we stayed just one more night."

When Michonne caught the way the other woman’s eyes were almost reaching into her she silently agreed.