why choose between andrea or michonne when you can have both, together, kissing?

Anonymous asked: "I disliked Andrea because I did not like the decisions she made. People are allowed to not like her. Calm down, she's just a character."


and i’m allowed to express my frustrations with a system of fan culture that has regularly participated in gross, militant misogyny when it comes to andrea.  

a system that celebrates and defends only women who they view as acceptable love interests—and therefore acceptable women—and bashes women who operate outside of those roles.

a system that begs for daryl to hook up with a girl but slams lori and andrea for having sexual partners.   

a system that praises beth and carol for their strength and their will to survive but calls andrea weak and selfish because her suicide would ~~hurt dale’s feelings~~ or something ridiculous like that 

you’re allowed to dislike andrea.  i never said you weren’t.  calm down, it’s just an observation on fan culture

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The ‘my girlfriend got bitten by a zombie’ club

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*curls around female characters* *hisses protectively*


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